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Installation of your home solar system happens as quickly as one day or up to three if your home is ready.

Delays arise depending on the size of your roof and if there are any upgrades needed. An inspection reveals any upgrades the roof needs, such as a new roof, changes to your electrical panel, or reinforcement to hold the extra weight of the panels.

A licensed expert inspects your home prior to any installation.

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Common Home Solar Questions

What does a Solar Panel System do?


A solar power system for the home forms its electricity from the sun and stores it in battery cells. The home then uses this stored energy on cloudy days or at night when it’s needed. By using our Las Vegas solar panels, the homeowner lessens the usage of fossil fuels or other electrical power sources.

Who can use a solar power?


Las Vegas Solar Panels are ideal for the sunny climate. Nevada has about 300 sunny days per year, which makes it a perfect candidate for solar systems. Even on partly sunny days, the panels still absorb energy. However, the power produced by solar panels in the winter months tends to drop slightly due to shorter and more cloudy days.

How much maintenance does it take?


Solar panels require very little maintenance. They have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years. If there is a component that needs care, the parts come with long warranties to refer to for repair or replacement.

These manufacturer warranties typically cover a large portion during the first ten years. As the panels age and degrade, the coverage rate reduces also for the next 20 years. Different manufacturers vary with their warranties, so always be sure to read closely.

Does CRS offer solar panel cleaning?


Solar panels are designed and built to be durable for many years in the weather. However, keeping them clean will give you the most efficiency possible. Over time a buildup of dust and dirt can slowly decrease the savings you started out with.

Normally, the rain keeps it clean enough. Getting on your roof can be a risky task and is greatly discouraged. If your roof is steep or slippery or you have physical limitations, then hiring a professional to clean the panels is the best choice. If you insist on doing it yourself, keep safety as your priority. Here are a few tips to follow in order to keep your solar panels running smoothly. 

How long before I see benefits?


As solar energy becomes more popular, the materials needed and the cost to install are steadily decreasing.

However, the benefits of a green source of energy continue to increase. If you choose to have a grid-tied solar system with your local utility company, it is the fastest way to see savings.

This type of home solar system is the most popular. When your solar system produces more energy than your home needs, it feeds it into the tied-in power grid. The resulting surplus results in a power credit on your bill.

Some energy companies credit you at the end of the year. You should see a profit for many years after you pay off your solar system. Our Las Vegas Solar Panels assist you with this. 

The Big Picture


Going solar grants benefits to you and the environment in the present and for a long time into the future.

After an initial investment, your solar panels begin the process of making a clean form of energy. The benefits normally appear after about three months of settling in with sunny days.

With your surplus energy credit, the system could pay for itself every month and be paid off in about eight to ten years if financed. After that, you could be payment-free as far as a monthly energy bill.

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