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CRS Alarm brings you the very best in home alarm systems to Boulder City. We take pride in our courteous customer service, which is shown by our home security company reviews. We provide pricing that is easy to understand with four basic packages that can be customized for you.  Our alarm systems company is a local company that includes free same-day installation. You also get award-winning Brinks alarm monitoring from the nearby Nevada monitoring stations. If you would also like to have the smartest home on the block, call today. We will help you put together the smart home alarm system.

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Smart Security & Home Automation

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From simple alarm monitoring to something with all the extras, we can put it together for you. Our Smart Security Packages are customizable, so as your needs change, you can add devices for your convenience and security. With the latest technology in smart home automation, security, and home security cameras, you will always be in-control and alerted. Too much new technology? Our licensed security specialists will take the time to guide you through all the features of your new system and answer any questions. 

All of our Smart Security Packages come with Wireless LTE Connected Security Panels. There is no need for a landline. If there is a power outage or the internet connection goes out, your home remains secure. These panels are smash-proof. If an intruder tries to destroy it, an immediate alert goes to the authorities.

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Home Surveillance Systems

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Only the latest security equipment is made available to you. We believe that state-of-the-art security systems joined with industry-leading alarm monitoring is the key to success. When it comes to video surveillance, not all cameras give you the same results. We don’t try to save money when it comes to your privacy concerns and the camera image quality. Our commercial-grade security cameras give you a crystal-clear picture 24/7. They are secure and can’t be hacked by outside intruders.

We have cameras that will cover your all the way around, and everything inside as well. Call a local company you can trust when your safety matters.

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UL-Certified Alarm Monitoring

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Home security systems are less effective when you don’t add alarm monitoring. We take it a step further and only offer industry-leading alarm monitoring services from Brinks Home Security. They ensure fast and reliable response times that increase the odds of catching any possible home invader. With Brinks award-winning alarm monitoring guarding your property, you can rest easy. 

CRS is a Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer. Our alarm monitoring company, Brinks Home Security, is based in Nevada. They have a quick and accurate response time. JD Power also awarded Brinks Home Security as the best in central alarm monitoring in the Nation. You can be sure that your alarm monitoring is being handled by one of the most dependable companies in the business. Take a look at our security alarm reviews.

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Security System Installation

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When it comes to defending your home, don’t take chances on a DIY system. We are a trusted home security monitoring company in Nevada because of our attention to the details. Our licensed and certified specialists will make sure everything is up and running. They will then show you how to work your new system. All this for FREE, along with free same-day installation. We provide any support you need in case any problems should occur.

You can let us handle it from here. State-of-the-art security systems, award-winning alarm monitoring, and free same-day installation are a combination that you can’t beat.

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