Reasons to Activate Alarm Monitoring for Your Home

Reasons to Activate Alarm Monitoring for Your Home
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Home security systems are becoming one of the standards nowadays. But, even with that decision out of the way, there is more to decide. Should you have your security system monitored or not? Is it necessary? What are the options out there? Of course, any security is better than nothing. But, we want the best decision for our family. So, let’s consider a few things that compare monitored to unmonitored home security systems. Then, make the best choice for you. 


For the many people that choose to install an unmonitored security system, the reason usually involves the budget. A real unmonitored system would be one that might consist of cameras and a loud siren if a door or window opens up. No one would be able to respond to the alarm unless they hear it coming from the house, or you’re home and hear it go off. Next, a self-monitored system comes with the same devices, but an alert goes to your smartphone. In that case, it is up to you to decide what action to take and who you need to call. 


  • Budget-Friendly
  • No monthly monitoring fee or contract
  • Possible DIY install


  • Alarm alert cannot get an immediate response
  • Gaps in your security when there is no network signal
  • Slow response when you’re unavailable
  • You have to call emergency responders yourself
  • Camera recordings may still require a storage fee
  • Equipment may not install properly


There are still plenty of budget-conscious people that find a way to add alarm monitoring to their home security system. This option gets chosen for the peace of mind it brings. Some companies offer free equipment and installation when you sign up for the monitoring service. Once you install your security devices, then sign up with a monitoring company, such as Brinks Home Security, you can relax. Yes, there is a monthly fee. However, the convenience of having someone else watching over your home is worth it to most. Besides less worry, homeowner’s insurance may give you a nice discount. The insurers are counting on you having a safer home with fewer claims. 


  • Convenience
  • 24/7 monitoring of your property
  • Immediate emergency response to an alarm
  • Some offer free equipment and install
  • Professional install ensures correct 
  • Discount on homeowner’s insurance


  • Contract required
  • Monthly payments


As shown above, when safety matters, alarm monitoring is the safest way to go. DIY may get you out of a monthly payment, but you risk your home’s safety every time you leave your house, turn off your phone, or lose a signal. You can let go of one less worry when you have someone watching your house 24/7. There are different options with the monitoring services. Call us at CRS. We the #1 rated Home Security Company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our experts can review with you the best home security options within your budget. The goal is always to keep your family and property safe! 

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